Lyme Disease Award Winning Author and USA’s Leading Spokesperson Comes to England; Expanding International Awareness and Healing Help

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH, herself having recovered from advanced neurological Lyme disease, co-infections, and autoimmune disorders, and the award winning author of “Out of the Woods, Healing Lyme, Body, Mind, and Spirit” and “Autoimmune Illness and Lyme Disease Recovery Guide, Mending the Body, Mind, and Spirit“, partners with pioneering activists, Lyme UK, to bring her 17 years of expertise on the subject to England, a country just waking up to how rampant their Lyme disease epidemic is.

As a Homeopath of 35 years, a Certified Medical Intuitive, and Epigenetic Therapist, Katina will share her health care recovery skills, preventative techniques, diagnostic tools, and hold a Q & A at two prime locations.

Friday, September 8:

Waterstones Bookstore, Broadmead, Bristol, England. Time TBA.

Tuesday, September 12th:

London England. 10:30am – 12:30pm. Location TBA.

Both events are free, but donations are welcome to assist Lyme UK’s pivotal educational work. Please see the flyer below for contact and registration information.

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“As a natural medicine practitioner, I had this toolbox to turn to in my 5-year recovery journey with chronic Lyme and autoimmune illnesses. Also, I understood the necessity of using an integrative medicine approach, to repair the systemic damages the aggressive bacterial infection induced.

Likewise, the emotional and spiritual suffering from this debilitating, powerful, isolating illness is just as real as the physical suffering. I bring support and valid take-home skills to you all. It is my privilege to help those suffering in the same place I was in.”

Do not miss the very talented, intelligent, compassionate, and inspirational Katina Makris in her only European visit for 2017. Her energy and gift for healing will touch you and prompt positive results.

This is a rare opportunity so register now. Katina will offer book signings, too.

Thank you!