Long Island Lyme Talks and the ‘Time of My Life’

My Lyme talks and book readings on Long Island recently were a “homecoming” of sorts for me, as I was raised on the gracious shores of this often teeming stretch of land, now a New York City commuter corridor.

As a child in the ’60’s, the woodsy North Shore, “Great Gatsby” area we lived in, was laced with bridle paths, sleeping hidden ponds and heaving old mansions built in the roaring twenties.  I whiled my nomadic hours building pinecone castles under the mountain laurel dens we played in and climbing into the upper limbs of a favorite tree, a grand and proud copper beech.  With the roaring surf and powdery sand of Jones Beach in close reach, we neighborhood kids spent endless days bodysurfing and skimboarding in reckless abandon.  As summer peaked, off my family would go far spans of time to Fire Island or South Hampton, basking in nonchalant freedoms, our bicycles and tennis rackets constant companions.

These were carefree and wholesome years I recall with true fondness.  Long Island was developing quickly, yet my tomboy youth, my band of friends and in turn our studious years in a Quaker high school knitted me in strong affection to the true beauty of Long Island’s old whaling villages and Dutch settlers farmsteads.  Exploring hidden root cellars, sailing on Long Island Sound and riding horseback through the shadowy woods built sturdy adventure into my limbs.  And yes, I pulled many ticks off of my body and certainly our pets. By the time I moved North in 1991 every dog in our neighborhood had been infected with Lyme. We knew the illness was present, but never did we fathom the treachery.

Forty years later, we now know Long Island is severely infested with Lyme disease and the co-infections ticks carry.  Blessedly, I never fell ill back in those days, but now thousands are suffering on the beachy shores and even in well built suburbia.  The East End of Long Island; the North fork; Shelter Island, the Hamptons and Montauk sit in the Lyme cross-hairs.

Back in the 1980’s and 90’s some serious research was underway via Dr. Alan MacDonald at South Hampton hospital and at SUNY Stoneybrook labs regarding Lyme.  The arthritic and neurological chronic forms of the illness were recognized and being studied.  Stoneybrook suprisingly  recently closed their excellent Lyme lab and Dr. MacDonald and the renowned Lyme literate physician, Dr. Joseph Burranscano are gone.  Meanwhile, Long Island still suffers a huge epidemic, as the entire East coast does really.

August 17, brought me to the Shelter Island Library, with a lovely turn-out of Lyme concerned folks.  Thank you Robbie Vorhaus and Denise DiPaulo for helping create this event.  We all learned a great deal from one another, as I shared “Out of the Woods” and my experience.

August 18, Canio’s Bookstore, Sag Harbor hosted a bookreading and talk.  We were jam packed inside this quaint store, all eyes and ears soaking in the Lyme information.  Some seriously disturbing accounts of misdiagnosed Lyme, chronic illness and even deaths due to the advanced forms were shared.  Lyme can reek horrid damage; body, mind, and spirit.

My hope is that the long overdue money and research can FINALLY begin to unravel the web of Lyme’s “lock and key” connection to so many suspicious links to auto-immune disease- MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s, RA show such commonalities!

Meanwhile, my Long Island visit was rich for me on many levels.  Besides visiting some of my old haunts, family home included, I got to swim at the glorious Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk and savor a sunset sail on the fluttering evening breeze.  Especially heartwarming was that four childhood friends came to my book events, giving my return a true hoist of cheer!

Our dinners together and post event celebrating at Page in Sag Harbor was a night to remember, forever.  Twelve of us ensemble moseyed off to dinner, the summer sky peppered with stars.  After four days of traveling, work, connecting with so many Lyme afflicted and doctors, and tasting the roots of past, a silky wash of emotions ran through me – “This is the time of your life,” I heard deep within.

It was a knowing.  The meaning of my work as an author, a healer, survivor and now a Lyme literate educator moving through the world in such a way, struck a palpable chord in my soul.  The chatter of familiar voices surrounding me, their care and love, the magnitude of the Lyme epidemic was all very real and ripe  Somehow it appears, my decades of living, learning, reaching, and healing are all coming together.  Long Island “brought it home” to me!

I feel proud and honored to be living now and sharing my words with others.  How remarkable my journey has been.  Lyme stripped me of everything I cherished.  But, I worked hard to recover, and now my internal awareness and hard earned rewards are enduring.

I move forward, more Lyme talks pending- Vermont this week, and Rhode Island in September.  Connecticut follows in October.

“This is the time of my life.”  I aim to offer hope and resources to those in need.  Thank you all for caring.  We will change the future of Lyme!

With Blessings.

(Katina on the Shelter Island ferry en route to her presentation.)

Rockingham Library, VT~ Lyme Author Speaking 8/30

Reminder that my Bellows Falls Vermont event is next Thursday, August 30, 7-9pm, Rockingham Library. Sojourns Health Center is helping sponsor this Lyme disease recovery talk.

Please share this with all your Vermont and New Hampshire friends as this is an easy access location, right off Route 91.  Hope to see you all there!

Rockingham Library

Auto Immune Illness Support Website



Katherine T. Owens Hosts a wonderful and supportive website oriented to helping others with auto-immune disorders. I love the essence of her messages, helping others find resource and solace in the spiritual domain of life. Please visit the link above to see more.

She kindly has featured an article I wrote, highlighting how Lyme disease, the tick borne bacterial illness, is a hidden link behind many auto-immune disorders. The majority of doctors do NOT even know the appropriate tests to order to screen for these lyme organisms, ending up misdiagnosing hundreds of thousands. Please read and find out IF you can be properly tested and heal. Wouldn’t it be ‘miraculous’ to regain your health. This is exactly what happened to me~5 years misdiagnosed with CFS/migraines, 2 years bedridden and now 7 years later, healthy and whole!!

working in the throes of the Lyme epidemic I see how severe things really are.

Katina I. Makris

“Out of the Woods” was published last October.  We launched it in my hometown at a festive crowd filled party amid much fanfare.  An evening of joy, tears and compassion, all of us in attendance felt the heartfelt message of healing wisdom shared in the beautiful induction from my beloved spiritual teacher, Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers. She blessed this special book and my work as a healer and messenger with such grace and divinity.  It was a true honor for me.

Ten months later now, I scan back and must say I am moved at a very deep level by what I have been experiencing, as I share “Out of the Woods” and my recovery journey from advanced chronic Lyme with others.

I am taking this time to elucidate the most intrinsic pieces with you, though I could write for days on the process in totality.  In fact, I have toyed…

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How My Book Tour with “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind & Spirit,” Has Expanded Into a Mission for Lyme Disease

“Out of the Woods” was published last October.  We launched it in my hometown at a festive crowd filled party amid much fanfare.  An evening of joy, tears and compassion, all of us in attendance felt the heartfelt message of healing wisdom shared in the beautiful induction from my beloved spiritual teacher, Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers. She blessed this special book and my work as a healer and messenger with such grace and divinity.  It was a true honor for me.

Ten months later now, I scan back and must say I am moved at a very deep level by what I have been experiencing, as I share “Out of the Woods” and my recovery journey from advanced chronic Lyme with others.

I am taking this time to elucidate the most intrinsic pieces with you, though I could write for days on the process in totality.  In fact, I have toyed with the notion of writing a memoir on my year catapulted into the working world and stratosphere of Inspirational Speaker as a recovered Lymie.  It has been nothing short of miraculous, on many levels! For you kind followers however, I would like to share these pieces now.

After a winter time of radio shows, in March 2012 I took off for a two week book tour to the West Coast.  My prior blogs showcase that remarkable time and the amazing people I met, the Innanna House fundraiser a highlight.

April brought me locally around New Hampshire and then to picturesque, Princeton, New Jersey, a heavily Lyme infested region.  Three knock-out book events; Barnes and Noble, Lawrence Nature Center, Whole Life Market plus a smashingly fun dinner party at fellow homeopath’s home made this an action packed four days.  Old friends, health care providers, internet acquaintances and Lymies all came to share.  I come home, my head a swirl.

Peterborough, New Hampshire, hoisted me as a featured speaker at their Greenerborough Day Festival, again record numbers in rapt attention, more regional bookstores and now the front page newspaper status emerged for me, as Pepperell, Massachusetts, and Peterborough took the Lyme epidemic seriously, sending their reporters out to cover my events. Wow! Cape Code public TV featured “Out of the Woods” and me on their interview program “Books and the World” in May and Wellfleet Library sponsored me at a lovely event, again many people at “ground zero Lyme” on the Cape.  Sadly barely any Lyme literate practitioners are there andthe Cape is severely infested.

Green Living Journal, Creations Magazine, Wisdom Magazine all generously ran my Lyme disease articles, “Is Lyme the New HIV?” garnering international attention as it went viral around the globe on the web.

By now, I began to realize something critical was at play- people are calling out for help!  Lyme disease has destroyed too many lives and is breaking down once stable systems. Our medical system, the insurance industry, the International Organization of Medicine, the Center for Disease Control and even the Human Services Sector have “missed the boat” regarding Lyme disease over the past 35 years and we are paying for it now.  Every community I walk into has a mere one or two, at best, Lyme literate practitioners available to treat them.  Some absolutely none!

Hospital ER’s, the average GP, and even renowned medical centers and hospitals are not recognizing Lyme disease cases in front of their very eyes.  At all my events there are caretakers present, there for a sick loved one who could not leave the house to attend, due to Lyme.

“My daughter’s limbs are paralyzed and “X” hospital sent her home with no diagnosis.”

“My husband lost his job due to Lyme disease sickness, we have no income or insurance.”

“I got sick with a fever, five days later “Y” hospital told me I had three days to live, as my heart valves were destroyed.  My ex husband had me ambulanced to a Boston hospital for valve transplants.  The surgeon said my heart was attacked by Lyme babesiosis.”

“My daughter has not gone to school in seven years.  She is 17 and we don’t know if she will live.  We are going to India for stem cell experimental work for Lyme disease.”

“The only food I can keep down is white rice. They put me on a feeding tube to keep me alive.”

“I used to be a runner and very vital. Fifteen years ago I had a numb left leg, then year by year new “odd” symptoms emerged.  Every doctor has a vague diagnosis of CFS, arthritis, possible early MS, migraines, and now I’m on a cane and can’t think at all.  Just five months ago Igenex lab tests were run and I’ve had undiagnosed Lyme disease all the time!”

These are just the tip of the iceberg of stories I hear every single week.  Massive numbers of people are stricken by the Lyme organisms!  Our nation, Europe, Australia, even South Africa, Asia and more are under the Lyme siege.  I am having the biggest education of my life, out on the streets with “Out of the Woods” by my side.  It is shocking.

June took Laura Piazza, “Recipes for Repair” author and myself, into assorted New England locations as we joined forces, lecturing on behalf of lyme awareness and recovery options to the public for free.  Our events are packed!  We are meeting very special people; intelligent, brave, battle-scarred and searching.  We offer hope and resources for recovery AND we are wide eyed at the swathe of the epidemic.  Lyme affects all age brackets.

Boston Lyme Support Group and the Dover, Massachusetts Library were stunning events for me.  Eighty-five people at Dover, two newspaper reporters, the Board of Health, doctors in attendance.  This community is ravaged by Lyme, they welcomed me with open arms.  Two hours later, sweating, drained and ignited simultaneously, I was ushered out from the group, the energy of Lyme distress, anger and need propelling me into the soft air of a summer night.  My heart ached for the single mom with no money to pay for her bedridden son’s medications, for the lack of savvy doctors, for the sorrow in the eyes of grey pallored man in the front row, his eyes glazed from Lyme.  The ugly saber cuts of this illness are striking into too, too many homes!  It must be stopped!

By July, I’d been on the road for five months, speaking somewhere every week.  My flurry of a trip to the New York City Book Expo was actually feeling frivolous compared to the work I was doing lecturing in the war zones of Lyme.  In many ways it was hard to catch my breath.  But, the radio and TV stations started calling.

WNHN, Arnie Arnesen’s “News, Views, and Blues” interviewed me live.  ABC 22 and FOX 44 live in Burlington, Vermont, featured me.  Four more front page newspapers status. The Concord Insider featured Laura Piazza and me in a full page interview on Lyme disease and our books.  The New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, The Union Leader, devoted Sunday Arts and Entertainment section to an interview article on me as an author of “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind, and Spirit.”  The Lyme disease awareness by now was soaring in New England.  Part of this makes me feel hopeful.

Ever enchanting Woodstock, New York beckoned, the Ulster County Lyme Support Group bringing me to the famed Mirabai Bookstore.  The Hudson River Valley is an eternally beautiful region , depicted in the umber toned paintings of the 1800’s artists, gentle farmlands and the river’s presence, beaucolic and nurturing.  Yet, danger lurks here.  Lyme disease is rampant!  At a wonderful event, “Holistic Healing Approaches to Lyme Disease,”  I was able to share my personal and professional experience on how to recover from chronic Lyme.  Our audience was wise and sensitive and more than half sick with Lyme.

The drumbeat rolls on.  From town to town I travel, a minstrel show style of simplicity, as it is typically just me, my books and my voice, there to offer hope and inspiration, guidance and healing support to those in need.  Through the small townships, over streaming highways into the big cities, and into the skies to longer distances, I am working, and ministering to the gapping spiritual wounds of the Lyme afflicted.

I know your stories.  I have lived it, long and hard myself.  Ten years of my life “lost” to Lyme’s destructive forces.  This syphilitic style illness creates an array of auto-immune type symptoms, erodes multiple systems of the body into depletion, and can crack the self-confidence and well-being of even the most stalwart or adventurous person.  Relationships, families, careers, lives can be ruined.  And yes, you CAN heal, against steep odds!

I do not like what I am seeing.  I favor what I am feeling-the pleading call for recognition and the honest willingness so many individuals show me, when I offer to teach them a spiritual healing exercise.  Vulnerable, tender, aware are words I use to describe many Lyme drained beings.  Your journey has been life altering.  Some of you have been mishandled by the medical world.  All of you have beautiful hearts.

I wrote “Out of the Woods” as a handhold of comfort for the Lyme afflicted and their caregivers.  My intention was to use my personal story as a message of hope, that you too could recover like I did.  My voice in “Out of the Woods:” is the voice of thousands, maybe millions, who walk this treacherous path beside me.  We are bonded in a sense, through this illness; alone in many ways, yet connected in a universal truth-love is the guiding light.

Venturing out of the woods of New Hampshire and on the road with my book, initially I assumed I would share my writing style as an author and offer inspiration.  Many months later, I have learned that something much larger has been asked of me-to help shift the tides of this epidemic.  As momentum has built, my voice and healing work expanding constantly, I somehow have become a conduit for change.  Town by town, paper to radio, individual and groups entwined, a grass roots collective has been forming.  Those of you who join me are all included. Together we are potent.

The forces are aligning.  I can feel it.  Don’t forget I am a trained Intuitive.  I can glimpse into the future.  It is coming, please be assured.  Just as they got a “handle” on HIV, they will get a “handle” on Lyme disease.  I am working out there for all of us.  Constantly networking, interfacing, inquiring, I am pushing into the medical and scientific communities.  Please keep the faith.  Pray and take good care of yourselves-body, mind, and spirit.

“Stay strong and believe in yourself, no matter what.”  The mystical words from my mother in the Nantucket Moors.  It is important to have belief.

We will affect a change with Lyme disease.  Walls need to come down.  Education is essential.  Money and research are dire necessities.  But, we are closer.  In ten years from now it will be vastly better.  Lyme disease can no longer be pushed under the carpet nor neglected.  Thank you to all the groups, foundations, and people pushing for this.

The past cannot be undone, but the future is ours to hold.  We can create what is needed.  Do not be held down by negative thinking, the wounds,the half-empty glass in life, but instead believe in your own personal recovery and a positive outcome for Lyme disease-better diagnostics, an integrative health care system and ample money available.  Out there on the horizon I hold the vision of an effective Lyme vaccine and Lyme disease retreat hospitals.

In the meanwhile, the book tour continues!! No sleep for the weary as my Grandma would say.  Thank you to all my true friends, support leaders, bookstores, libraries, newspapers and more who have given “Out of the Woods” its wings.  We are flying high and proud these days!

I’m off to totally ravaged Long Island-Shelter Island and Sag Harbor this weekend.  Then Rhode Island and Connecticut in September.

Please send me strength, guidance, and protection, as I move forth, “Out of the Woods” in my hands, bringing insights and a healing message to others.

I am doing this now for ALL OF US.  I have moved way beyond doing PR for my book, into igniting the fires of change for Lyme disease awareness and the course of our  healthy future.

With Blessings,


Lyme Disease Author Gives Talks on Long Island

Long Island is “ground zero” for Lyme disease, having been severely infested with Lyme infected ticks since the 1970’s. I recall still living on the North Shore in the 1980’s and EVERY dog in our neighborhood had Lyme disease- a lot of humans, too.

Sadly, 30 years later, matters have become worse, not better. The tick population is replicating at historically rampant rates (warmer winters likely at play) and more of them are infected.

Unfortunately, only 50% of people show a tell-tale bulls-eye rash of Lyme disease, leaving a huge percentage of Lyme infected people unaware the got bit by an infected tick. The USA is currently in the throes of a Lyme epidemic. Long Island, the East end in particular, is suffering from a serious problem. Many people are sick with chronic Lyme disease. Not all doctors are ILADS trained on Lyme treatments.

I am one of those people who went misdiagnosed for five years, with CFS/migraines/EBV, leaving me bed ridden, bereft and broke. Blessedly, I finally got properly diagnosed and underwent five years of restorative treatments, to regain my health and vitality.

I share my inspirational recovery story and the treatment modalities in the Lyme talks I have been presenting nationwide.

August 17 and 18th I will be on Long Island lecturing in my ONLY area appearances, with “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind, and Spirit.”

Please see the flyer below for details and come join me. This information is too important to dismiss.

Long Island Events

Find Out if Your Auto Immune Disorder Could be Misdiagnosed Lyme Disease


Auto immune disorders have significantly risen in frequency over the past three decades. Some speculate that diagnosis for lupus, fibromyalgia, ME, CFS, rheumatoid arthritis, MS and more has improved versus that of  generations in the past. Yet, others sense something else entirely could be at play here- Lyme disease, the stealthy infectious illness transmitted by ticks.

Please read this article I wrote for a wonderful website, which offers support and guidance for those struggling with chronic illness. a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com is hosted by Katherine T. Owens, a remarkable woman who has overcome being bedridden to ME for 14 years!

I am honored to open a window into unraveling a piece of the confusion and fury related to the discomforts, depression, exhaustion, and life catastrophe of auto immune diseases which could be linked to Lyme disease. More detailed current testing is discovering the lyme disease organisms present in many more cases of CFS, alzheimers, MS, etc than ever perceived before. In the long run this could be a very good thing! Lyme disease organisms could potentially be the ‘lock and key’ item to many of the debilitating degenerative, auto immune diseases of our time. In turn, we could find ‘cures’ as the Lyme bacteria can be treated. Ultimately, annual testing for Lyme disease organisms could be part of our annual physicals, hence nipping an auto immune illness before it has a chance to bloom!

I would like to think we could be at a turning point in the next 5 years, enabling the medical healing arts and sciences to find an end to too many decades of suffering!

Thank you Katherine for giving me and OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT, a special spot on your site!