Natural Medicine and Lyme

Recovering from chronic forms of Lyme disease is not an easy feat. Multiple systems of the body can be depleted and sometimes damaged. Killing off the Lyme organism (bacteria, parasites, micoplasma forms) is only one aspect of recovery. The just as essential piece, involves rebuilding the affected bodily systems (immune, gastrointestinal, nervous, etc).

Traditional allopathic medicine’s primary viable approach involves pharmaceuticals, a necessary weapon for thousands. However, ALL Lyme afflicted will benefit from the restorative therapeutic work of natural medicine.

I recovered from advanced chronic Lyme completely. Working diligently with naturopathic medicine (herbs), acupuncture, homeopathy and a very seasoned clinical nutritionist, to rebuild my depleted and damaged bodily systems, were the essential pieces to help me to recover. It was five solid years of devoted work.

Please hear more about my journey and these pieces in this thorough show lead by Sue Vogan:

It is a long 2 hr interview, so don’t feel bad about fast forwarding through some of it.


California gets real!

At long last the state of California has finally publically recognized that Lyme disease is a real issue in their sunfilled, swaying meadowlands and hill country. Northern California is  under a huge Lyme siege and many docs and people have been in the dark about the extent of the illness, the number of infected ticks and even adequate diagnosis (bizarre when they have Igenex Labs right there!).

Please read this for more:

This statement says a great deal about finally coming to terms with the Lyme issue – a needed step forward, for California, the land of endless summer and sorrowfully, the weather for endless tick season!

I will be out in San Francisco and Sonoma County with OUT OF THE WOODS in late March. The timing is just right for me to bring my message of inspiration to the too many thousands suffering. Please pass this along to those in need and let me know of any key support groups, health care centers or other venues in California I should align with.

California dreaming on such a winter’s day!”

Lyme Recovery Cookbook

My wonderful friend Laura Piazza and her mother Gail have created a supportive and beneficial cookbook for those dealing with Lyme disease.

“Recipes for Repair, a Lyme Disease Cookbook” is as visually beautiful as it is nourishing and healing. The philosophy explained in the early chapters is an anti-inflammation oriented diet. The recipes are inviting and not difficult to prepare. I have tried many and they are DELICIOUS!

Considering the struggles so many dealing with Lyme face, having a book like this at hand to make healthful menu choices around is really a relief!

I highly recommend “Recipes for Repair” and please find out more about Laura and Gail and the book website:

New Lab Testing

Clongen labs in Maryland, run by the kind and devoted Dr. Ahmed Kilani, is using a new type of testing for Lyme disease. It is interesting and promising for many of us.

Called ‘enrichment protocol’, a sample of the individual’s blood is cultured over a ten day period, in various mediums, specific to growth of the assorted Lyme organisms- borrelia, babesia, bartonella, erlichia. Then the number of organism cells present are counted in each culture. Zero cells present means no infection, a small number is a mild or newer infection, high numbers indicate an entrenched infection.

This is a new ‘window’ into Lyme, and potentially more accurate than a random blood draw and lab testing on just one day. Akin to culturing urine for urinary tract infections, this will bring much more information to physician and patient alike, enabling more targeted protocols.

See the website, for details. Advanced Specialty Labs in PA is running a similar culture test for borrelia.