Tick Action: An Online Introduction: Getting Serious About Lyme | Rowe.Center

Tick Action: An Online Introduction: Getting Serious About Lyme | Rowe.Center
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Please join me on Wednesday September 22, 2021 for a free Lyme disease virtual class.

This will be a 2 hour format. I will present the first 90 minutes and then we will have 30 minutes of Q & A.

The following 6 weeks will be a Lyme disease recovery series from 7-9 pm et via the Rowe Institute virtual learning program.

I will cover many topics including acute care information, diagnostic testing, chronic case recovery tools with holistic & integrated medicine, as well as dealing with the emotional and spiritual sides of suffering.

As a chronic lyme survivor myself and homeopath of over 35 years, & 20 years working with Lyme disease cases, there will be much valuable material and insights into full life healing.

Please register at the link here and also share with your friends!

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Lyme Disease: A Survivor’s Lessons – Spirit of Change Magazine | Holistic New England

Many chronic illnesses, and Lyme disease in particular, ask us to turn within, to our deep sources of personal healing and resiliency.
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After my own 10 year decimating Lyme disease odyssey, bedridden 3 years too, I made 100% recovery & well 12 years now. 🙌🏼prior to pandemic I taught 30 live inspirational & my 4 pronged approach methods that is very helpful workshops & at conferences ! That’s over 200 in 9 years ! I

A certified homeopath of 37 years. I loved empowering people with self skills and guiding them to approach their doctors or ND & other licensed practitioners to implement my tools outlined in my books & fleshed out in these workshops w me & full Q@ A.

Join me on virtual class w the Rowe institute. Wednesday’s starting 9/22 with a 90 min into & then 6 Wednesday’s starting 9/29 at very affordable rate:)

I am

Excited to start teaching & inspiring again the hard work w skilled homeopath & patient is vey unique in this story line . Read below story & do JOIN ME!

We can

Shift your blocks, answer confusions & bring good 🙏🏼

Katina, CCH, CIH

See story & class info below, very affordable on purpose !!