My Covid Chronicle ; part 1, the surprise infection

The Covid 19 Chronicle; part 1.
By Katina Makris

Dear friends,

I will be publishing a mini booklet on my experience as a Covid 19 patient as well as a homeopathic practitioner who treated over 60 cases before I too became infected.

My goal is as always, to share the hard honest truth personally about suffering and healing, as well as to include the best of holistic medicine I can educate about as a professional, and some of the amazing science I have been studying surrounding this virus from high quality international sources over the last 18 months.

Today we will begin with the acute infection stage of my experience. I know many of you whom have read my Lyme disease and autoimmune illness books, my inspirational ones or have attended my workshops and presentations know that I come from a place of a purely open heart and open mind. I do not take bias. I am very honest. Though I’m a holistic practitioner I love science and respect western medicine when it is appropriate. It’s not an either/ or for me regarding healing but a melding.

I’m fortunate to have my pre med education from prestigious Duke University and received my homeopathic education at the last of the original homeopathic medical schools in the USA from the 1800s, The Hahnemann School of Homeopathy, back in the 1980s. ( it has since closed but I was trained by the late great master Dr Francesco Eizayaga, Dr Candegabe and the still revered master Dr George Vithoulkas).

This piece will be longer in booklet form, but I wanted to give us a starting point. The choices surrounding my COVID 19 infection treatment were made by my excellent integrative medicine physician & ILADS Lyme doctor. He’s a well educated physician of prominence. Only the homeopathic remedies were selected by me . But, some of this information is insightful in an overall picture regarding this quixotic virus.

Tuesday October 4 I woke up full of energy as usual, alert and excited to get an autumn swim in at the pond. I had a moderate patient load that day. By noon I was sneezing often and blowing my suddenly runny nose. Thinking allergies I dosed on 750 mg of quercitin & took a homeopathic remedy allium cepa, which did curtail some of the sinus discharge. I was starting to feel tired and had body aches by 4 pm. I decided not to swim, and lay down. When I woke from a deep nap 2 hours later I felt awful !

My head was splitting with a bad migraine, my eyeballs hurt on movement, my neck was stiff and I felt the chills. Covid immediately popped in my mind . Temperature 99.5 & I’m usually 97.5. Damn it !! I knew I was infected by dinner time.

Immediately I took a famous influenza and COVID 19 homeopathic remedy, Gelsemium semperverins 200c potency every 2 hours. It was helping the awful neck & body pains but not the sinus. I had already used it successfully on dozens of other early C19 cases with my patients. It was a fitful night sleep with the fever climbing.

Wednesday October 5, I went for a PCR test at a local pharmacy & texted my physician “im certain I have Covid”. He immediately had me come in for a rapid test. Within 30
Seconds it was showing a freaky strong positive v the often 10-15 minutes many folks require. Doc said straight up, “ Katina for this sudden a positive antigen response you are carrying a heavy viral load. You got a strong exposure not a 5 minute passing one. Where were you the last 3-4 days? We must be prepared.” meaning could I manifest the pneumonia or heart problems ? I had never had bronchitis or pneumonia or strep in my life, I instinctively felt my lungs would hold up, but the vascular symptoms were equally dangerous.

We reviewed my whereabouts. I wear a mask at all indoor access places, the grocery store, gas station, & use drive up banking, pharmacy. I’m borderline neurotic about exposure as I’m not vaccinated as I have struggled with an active huge epstein Barr virus outbreak since March & we have been working very hard with anti virals to get the virus to go dormant as receiving a vaccine with it active triggers AFIB & chronic fatigue syndrome in many, so I have been an at risk patient for 5 months & stayed outdoors all summer socially & live alone. I wash my hands constantly, use sanitizer & was on the customary immune support of
Vitamin D3 10,000 iu, Liposomal Vit C 2000 mg, zinc picolinate 50 mg, quercitin 750 mg, colloidal silver 1 dropper, and panaxea’s ‘anti virii’ an ancient Chinese herbal anti viral blend tweaked by a master herbalist for the original SARS, which it is 100% effective with & my distributor had advised its 90% effective w C19. I felt safe but was ‘worn out’ the last 2 weeks with my practice overloaded w sudden delta variant cases. I was thinking I needed a vacation just a few days prior.

I was at a large outdoor memorial of life on the Saturday before my first symptoms and inside with my mask off for 90 minutes on Friday out to dinner. 😱 We think that was the exposure , or possibly a vaxed carrier at the memorial. Friday was only the 3rd time in 18 months I was in a public place with my mask off. This intuitively felt to be the exposure point.

Doc called in ivermectin 20mg/ day to the only pharmacy in NH whom is still permitting access to this well known anti parasitic & anti viral pharmaceutical used often in Lyme disease , Bartonella & many parasitic infections from the equatorial belt (where it is over the counter as the tropics are loaded with parasite & amoeba infections). CVS had already called him & said ‘you are no longer permitted to use ivermectin for Covid 19’ which irritated him enormously as he’d helped many seniors avoid hospitalization with c19 via this relatively benign medicine ( this is not the ‘horse paste’ cruder version people are a accessing, this form is attenuated to body weight & a finer graded human use). I also learned from him that Merck was holding the reins in on ivermectin distribution as they are about to release a new C19 drug costing them $17. to produce but will be sold at $700!! My physician is outraged at his professional hands being strapped, and knows the power Merck carries over other smaller pharmaceutical companies. Anyway. I filled my prescription & drove home feeling like hell & fever climbing to over 101.

The next 5 days are a blur now, I became quite sick very fast. Extreme fatigue, 12 hours sleeping, 3 hour coma naps, thirsty & shivering, zero appetite, awful nausea, this disgusting putrid taste in the back of my throat, bad headache & extreme weakness, so much so I nearly had to crawl to the bathroom. I was too weak to get food or take my several rounds of supplements. The fever soared to 103.5 even on ivermectin! I needed support, but was alone.

Within 3 days the mucous stopped & thankfully never went near my lungs, I had sudden burning diarrhea & burning body pains where my skin hurt to touch. I switched to homeopathic arsenicum album 1m , 3-4 x day. India heralds this as the lead C19 homeopathic remedy. I checked in w a Brazilian colleague. He agrees. It stopped the diarrhea & burning pains immediately! It helped the weakness to some degree. I could feel the IVM arresting the fevers & when it would wear off. I looked forward to my daily dose.

One night I was scared, I texted my doc w 104 fever, “should I go to ER?” We FaceTimed. Because my lungs were clear & he didn’t want me on steroids which would suppress my innate immune response he said ‘Advil, put on more blankets, drink 1 gal of water & electrolytes, burn it out. Let’s see how you are by morning. Have your landlord ready for emergency .” It was a terrible night of severe body pains, visions, my dad spirit visiting, chills, shakes, extreme nausea. Profound weakness. My landlord left me soups & a friend dropped off fruit- only thing I could stomach.

By morning fever 100.5. The worst we prayed was passing. My hair was filthy, bedsheets sweaty mess, empty bottles of coconut water all over the floor, a huge basket of supplements by my bed. I had chakra stones lined on my body ( 3rd chakra stone would build up to hot heat), ran the rife machine codes 2 fb lyme colleagues kindly sent me, all of you were praying for me. I now had an awful rash on my chest. I felt sicker than dengue fever, weaker than Lyme disease, and could ‘taste’ this organism was not natural.. it has a foul chemical lab type flavor. It did remind me of malaria fevers tho as a teen in Africa.

My doctor is incredible, he spoke w me every evening ( but as a homeopath I did that too daily w my c19 cases), he watched me like a hawk w my genetics for blood clots, past lyme & pericarditis history. The fevers hung around 99.5-100.4 for a few more days, we stopped the IVM after 7 days thinking the rash could be a side effect ? I moved to homeopathic remedy Kali phos. For weakness & kidney support. Bukoloke to prevent blood coagulation & more adrenal support with that inflammatory fever draining my adrenal glands from their natural anti inflammation production.

And then, on day 15 it started to lift !! The fevers broke, I washed my hair , I was finally hungry a bit. I don’t recall who was who but god bless my dear dear friends whom made me tuna casserole, bone soups, fruit bowls. My landlord & long time friend was always in the wings, we texted if i was struggling/ collect my trash, ferry me upstairs fresh pears, the mail. Ran a load of laundry. It was a strange sequestered 15 days of isolation & extreme weakness. It’s a bitch of a virus!!

Day 16, a lovely man whom I’d just stated dating (a former Chicago trauma ER nurse of all things) flew in from AZ to care for me, he too had been checking on me daily. For 4 days he gave me shoulder rubs, Cooked tons for me, stocked up groceries, held me & made me laugh.
I couldn’t stop quietly crying in the night knowing I was rounding the bend, my swimmers lungs held strong, all of you, my friends, family & dear son messaging me pep talks of ‘mom you are a fighter! You can beat this. Hold strong. Take your remedies. You beat out worse. Mom you are an athlete. Do yoga breathing. You will rebound!’

God bless 🙏🏼 on day 21, I saw my integrative Medical doc & reported the strong vitals signs; oxygen 97, head clear as a bell. BP 110/95, pulse 65. Doc declared me finished with the acute, ran a ton of blood work& sent my beau & me out on a dinner date 😎💥 I put on a dress, a bra & makeup! People said I looked terrific, I felt like Bambi on fawn wobbly legs, but wow I was out in the world & laughing !

Doc says my antibodies are 22x stronger than the vax version, from the first 24 hour lab work in !! I’m fragile, but OUT OF THE WOODS! More labs coming in shortly, but as of today the lab wanted to buy my plasma off me as my antibody count is so high I could help the ICU critical cases !

I will chronicle my huge supplement array next & be offering a mini online webinar on holistic health prevention 12/6… watch for details or my Website . Some of the herbs & mitochondrial support have been huge helpers. I’mA+ blood type, the most susceptible to the virus & I have thalassemia minor genetic anemia, an offshoot of sickle cell, again another huge vulnerability factor. The irony is I was scheduled for the J&J vax 2 days after I was stricken !! After months of getting the damn EBV load finally down I was mere days away from probably manifesting a ‘mild’ infection v an aggressive one. Omg ! Crazy timing!

I am tender. I still nap. It’s been raining heavily. I’m alone again but can prepare a meal, walk up a flight of stairs slowly. I watch the foliage in awe, the light transmuting on the mountain ridge. I miss swimming so much ! I will start orchard walks as soon as the rain lifts. I can tell it will be a month or so to regain my muscles, stamina, cardiovascular conditioning , but I’m alive & well. At 63, with high risk factors & no vax I blessedly sneaked through another close call on the knife edge of death. I had seen it before though & called on my eagle guardian, my late dad, & used my mind & will to hold still & not panic.

I’m forever grateful to my strong constitution, all my allies, the IVM
& my holistic medicine both, & the lovely space I live in. This virus is NOT GOOD! I’ve treated so many influenza, pneumonia, lyme cases in my 37 years. This thing is not ‘normal’ it barely responded to time honored homeopathic & herbals, that have knocked out fevers in minutes. Please be careful, mask up, take vitamin D ! Delta is contagious even with a vax & the latest stain in UK – A.1.9. Is skirting all the vax . We seem
To be in for a long run here. Years, not months. I will share my international research in the future.

Meanwhile, must still watch blood coagulation, oxygenating & rebuilding strength. I’m on homeopathic cinchona 30c now for post influenza weakness & ton of liver & spleen support, more to detail on glutathione & NAC.

Time for dinner & bed . With love & light,

103.6 fever

2 thoughts on “My Covid Chronicle ; part 1, the surprise infection

  1. Hi Katina!
    We met when you were in Seattle promoting your book, You were kind enough to connect me up with Mara Williams in California. In any event I have read your books and I must admit you have been my angel and guide in light of my own health challenges. So very grateful!

    I am so sorry to hear that you had Covid but I do look forward to your upcoming zoom presentations.

    My prayers to you!

    Carol Meshberg

  2. Do you know of anyone who is in need of a brand new doug coil rife with all the components? I was cleaning out my long ago emails and came across yours. I have had Lyme and family has too. The doug coil was bought 4 yr ago but never got used. For other reasons other medical crises came up.  Thanks, Kathy Bowl

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