Lyme Disease: The Importance of Detoxification

Lyme Light Radio proudly partners with cyclist and lacrosse star John Donnally as he bikes across America in concert with TBDA (Tick Borne Disease Alliance) on a mission to promote awareness on the rampant spread of the infectious illness Lyme disease in our country.

No regions are exempt. Both coasts, the Ohio River Valley, Colorado, the Midlands and particularly the deep South are riddled with ticks infected with the Lyme bacteria and other illness inducing organisms. All of us need to take precautions for preventions, and learn about diagnosis.

Wednesday October 4th, 4:00PM, John joins me on-air illuminating us on his launch from San Francisco and his vision.

The second half of Lyme Light Radio this week, my substitute host is Dr. Enid Haller, PHD, who runs the Lyme Center of Martha’s Vineyard, is a Lyme patient herself and involved in helping as many as possible reclaim their lives from decimation. Thank you wonderful Enid for standing in for me, as I train travel to Connecticut for Lyme presentations with “Out of the Woods”.

Dr. Haller will interview the very talented and compassionate naturopath, nurse, NY Times Best Selling author of “21 Pounds in 21 Days”, Lyme disease specialist and detox guru, Dr. Roni DeLuz.

Get ready for a smart show!! Dr. Roni knows how to tackle Lyme from many angles and sheds light on the very essential component of detoxification as part of the healing journey.
WBLQ – 1230AM in New England
All broadcast Lyme Light Radio with Katina!

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Connecticut Hosts Lyme Disease Author of “Out of the Woods”

I am thrilled to be visiting southern Connecticut this upcoming week, bring my inspirational message of recovery, hope and tools to your communities. “Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease – Body, Mind & Spirit” is two books in one; a memoir of my 10 year healing journey and a savvy ‘nuts and bolts’ section outlining Lyme disease particulars and treatment modalities. 

Having presenting in over 50 locations now, I know the pulse point of the Lyme disease epidemic. It is that of confusion, alarm and pleas for help. On a shoe-string and a life-raft of community support I’ve have managed to orchestrate these heart warming and educational trips I take. Thank you in advance to Crystal Carter of Meriden, CT and Sarah Bouissou at Bernard’s, Ridgefield, plus area friends for hanging up posters!

So, everyone in Connecticut, pull out your calendars. Here are my upcoming venues:

Thursday, October 3rd

12:00 – 2:00 pm

Author Luncheon Series and Lyme Q&A

Bernard’s Restaurant

Ridgefield, CT

$25.00 includes a gourmet meal


Saturday, October 5th

2:00 – 4:00pm

Meriden Public Library

Meriden, CT

Free event!


I look forward to meeting you special people! Bring friends and family, too! I will have copies of “Out of the Woods” with me for signing.




Importance of The Virginia Lyme Disease Bill on Lyme Light Radio

Hundreds of thousands of people are infected with the Lyme disease bacteria and other tick borne illnesses annually. Yet, only 10% are accurately diagnosed, due to faulty test results of the ELISA test the majority of physicians use. Sadly, these cases are misdiagnosed as assorted auto-immune illnesses (CFS, MS, RA, Lupus, more), neurological issues (ALS, tourettes, bi polar) or brushed off as inconsequential or perhaps a virus, or “you’re just run down”. 

Our population is suffering! Doctors have been under-educated about Lyme disease for decades, believing it to be a short term, acute illness of regional isolation. Clinical findings and decades of a now chronically ill America, illuminate that this shape-shifting spirochete bacteria (cousin to syphilis) moves from bloodstream to tissues, joints, organs and the brain, creating a panoply of symptoms, depletions and often complete life destruction. (I was such a case – bedridden, broke, despairing with 3 false ELISA negatives in 5 years).

Meet Susan Green and Monte Skall, 2 women who have made history in the Lyme disease story. These powerful visionaries, hard workers and compassionate souls fought fiercely in the state of Virginia to get a bill passed which essentially states – “a negative Lyme test result does not rule out that you are infected”, by-passing proper treatment and diagnosis.

They join me on Lyme Light Radio this Wednesday, September 25, 4:00pm ET live on WBLQ 1230AM and streaming on and Our call in number is 1-800-930-2819.

Join us for a great show. Learn the importance of this piece of history and how your state needs to follow suit!!

Pass the word.

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Katina Makris

Massachusetts and Lyme Disease: State of Affairs Update

This week’s Lyme Light Radio broadcast is a chock-filled show. Massachusetts has long been in the ‘hot seat’ regarding all matters related to Lyme disease. Though riddled at pandemic proportions – Cape Cod, The Vineyard, Nantucket, Dover and more showing up to 90% of ticks infected, people being constantly misdiagnosed, many under treated and lost in the insurance company shuffle. Sadly, physicians have been legally limited to only 60 day allotments of antibiotic use, with often tragically ill patients. 

But, the tides are turning, due to the mighty work of potent Lyme activists like Trish McCleary of S.L.A.M., Dr. Enid Haller and Dr. Roni DeLuz creating resource Lyme centers, healing retreats and devoted hot-line support from Janet Dooley.

These impassioned, talented women ALL join us on Wednesday 9/18 4PM ET, 1PM PT to update us on the state of affairs in Massachusetts. Is there hope for America, if we follow their lead?

Listen live on 1230 AM WBLQ southern New England and streaming live on, and

Put Katina Makris in the search window – click on the show. We will archive a podcast 24 hours later! 

This is a dynamic venue. Don’t miss us and call in with questions during airtime at 1-800-930-2819.

Katina Makris


here is the podcast:

Pamela Weintraub, author of “Cure Unknown” on Lyme Light Radio, 9/11

Mark your calendars now! Wednesday, September 11, 4pm EST / 1pm PSTthe award winning author and esteemed medical journalist, Pamela Weintraub, shared her second version of “Cure Unknown” with us on ‘Lyme Light Radio with Katina’. 

This is the most revered book on Lyme disease in print. Pamela revealed the mismanagement and corruption surrounding Lyme disease that has obfuscated proper diagnosis and treatment of this serious, life altering infectious illness. Decades of medical, insurance industry and political ‘game-playing’ have colluded to deny the illness and millions of lives have been jeopardized.

Pamela pulls no punches. Like a master sleuth, she unravels the ugly truth that Lyme disease has been ‘ignored’ by the very institutions we were taught to trust. 

I cannot wait to discover what Pamela has to share with us on-air 9/11 regarding her 5 year, follow-up with Cure Unknown II. Her news should be enormously enlightening!

It is my true privilege to interview Pamela Weintraub. She is one of my life heros, having recovered from Lyme disease herself and out there fighting for change.

Tune in to WBLQ 1230AM in southern New England, Long Island, NY 4pm EST and streaming live on and You can listen to us anywhere in the world! This show is a MUST for anyone interested in the real story behind Lyme disease!


Listen to the podcast here:

Teenagers & Lyme Disease Podcast with Dr. Lantsman, Lyme Light Radio

Teenagers get Lyme disease! No age group is exempt from this bacterial infection, spread by the common tick. Incidence of cases contracted is soaring. I learned from researcher, Dr. John Aucott, that the 300,00 annual cases contracted in the USA surpasses the peak of the AIDS epidemic, which teetered at 104,000 cases annually in the late 1980’s. Everyone needs to be tick ALERT nationwide.

On September 4, “Lyme Light Radio with Katina” featured the subject of “Teenagers and Lyme Disease”. This is a powerful show. Please listen to the podcast HERE.

The esteemed Dr. Katherine Lantsman,, an Integrative Medicine physician who specializes in tick borne illness embodies my philosophy of success in overcoming Lyme disease. She has a strong handle on the complexity of symptoms this illness induces.

Killing the microbial infections (often more than just borrelia burgdorferi exists inside your body), defining the imbalances and depletions induced from a rampant infection, addressing food, allergies, fungal overgrowth, and tending to emotional and spiritual aspects of chronic illness, she integrates with aplomb. 

Please pay close attention to the case she shares of 18 year old “Roger”! It is fascinating to witness how Dr. Lantsman isolated the severe endocrine imbalances he was afflicted with, prominent endocrinologists said he was “fine” and lyme specialists claimed none of the known antibiotic therapies were effective with Roger. Defeated, seriously ill, diabetic, isolated, 30 lbs overweight and sinking at age 19, Roger has made enormous recovery strides in less than one year, via Dr. Lantsman’s Integrative Medicine skills. Her discussion with me is an eye-opener!

Teens often manifest vivid emotional, mental and neurological symptoms from ‘hidden’ Lyme disease infections. Since their nervous systems are still developing and hormones are being rapidly produced, if a bacterial infection sets up residence in their body,  ‘odd’ symptoms surface readily, while their very active immune response may keep physical symptoms at a milder display than adults. Each case is unique though, and a broad spectrum of symptoms may erupt.

Anxiety, insomnia, OCD, ADD/ADHD, headaches, depression, stammering, malaise, poor concentration, angry rages, panic, tics, tourette syndrome, are common manifestations in the nervous system teens easily display with Lyme, and are the majority of the time misdiagnosed, medicated and left malingering.

Body aches, sore joints or ribs, exhaustion, digestive disorders and brain fog are often dismissed as ‘teenage angst’. Lyme beware! The microbes are messing around with our treasured offspring’s chemistry. They are sick and typically misdiagnosed. I have met too many 20 year olds whom were put on adderall for years, complaining with a ‘soccer’ knee injury, and too tired to do homework. 

Get them properly test at Igenex or Clongen labs.

Chloe Rapp of Massachusetts bravely shared her ‘lost’ 9 years as a teen, near death’s door, despite aggressive Lyme antibiotic therapy, with us on-air. Thank you, articulate, empathic, intelligent Chloe for holding on to your beautiful spirit during these treacherous times in your life. I applause your tenacity and inner belief that you WILL recover fully, despite the damage Lyme disease and excessive antibiotics induced. Chloe’s message, conveyed in her interview, to promote support in school systems for teens dealing with Lyme disease can not be SHOUTED loud enough! I will help you get this platform going. Teens with Lyme need HELP!

It is my privilege to host “Lyme Light Radio”! Each week we look at Lyme disease and tick borne illness with a different lens. THere is so much we can learn from one another, as well as help promote awareness and dialogue. As always, I thank the powers that be, which helped place me in this role. Please share today’s link with your friends and group.

Dr. Lantsman and Chloe Rapp were profoundly honest and inspirational guests. Thank you for joining us and caring enough to help others. Also, thank you to our sponsor Advanced Cell Training, at, for helping Lyme Light Radio shine.

Katina Makris


Lyme Light Radio’s September Guest Schedule

Announcing our wonderful guest schedule for the month of September on ‘Lyme Light Radio with Katina’! Tune in Wednesdays 4pm ET / 1pm PT on, or for cutting edge, inspirational, informative dialogue on the exploding health crisis of our era, Lyme disease.

September 2013

9/4: Dr. Katherine Lantsman and Chloe Rapp “Lyme Disease in Teenagers”

9/11: Pamela Weintraub, medical journalist and award winning author of “Cure Unknown” and “Cure Unknown Second Edition”

9/18: Trish McCleary, Sturbridge Lyme Awareness, and Lyme hot-line host Jan Dooley, “Lyme Disease in Massachusetts”

9/25: Susan Green, and Monte Skall “Legal Rights of Lyme Patients and The Virginia Bill They Wrote”