Photo Campaign for Lyme Disease- Join It.

United Lyme Action (ULA) is launching a photo campaign to get more media attention for Lyme disease. 
Our goal is to raise awareness about the fact that the CDC and HMOs are ignoring the Lyme disease epidemic.
Some celebrities have already agreed to participate. Actress Jane Alexander will be contributing a photo to the campaign. Actor/producer/painter JOHN LURIE will be promoting the campaign in an interview on the Huffington Post. 
Our goal is to get 500 pictures up in the next 2 weeks before the Huffington Post article comes out.
And news anchor BROOKE LANDAU who was on the Dr. Phil Show about Lyme has agreed to add her photo. 
We’re in discussion with more celebrities as well. 
Here’s How You Can Be Part of the Campaign
We’re asking people to take a photo of themselves holding a sign saying, “I am one of the 300,000 plus annual Lyme patients being ignored by the CDC and HMOs.” 
We plan to develop the photos, connect them into banners, and send them to 4 major news networks.
You can learn everything about the campaign here:
You can make your own sign or print one out here: 
You can email your photos to:
Check out some photos already sent in:
Photos need to be sent in by NOVEMBER 1st

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join in the process. It is worth all our voices uniting.
Katina Makris


Lyme Light Radio Hosts Dr. Kenneth Liegner

It is with great honor I interview the world renowned physician Dr. Kenneth Liegner, a leading expert on tick borne illness. With decades of experience in the ‘Lyme trenches’, Dr. Liegner shares his insights and treatment savvy with us on Lyme Light Radio, Wednesday, October 30, 4PM ET / 1PM PT.

Dr. Liegner is one of my personal heroes, as he has helped thousands of people recover from tick borne diseases. His famous quote, delivered in his address of the International Organization of Medicine conference, appears in my book “Out of the Woods”.

“In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of chronic Lyme disease will be viewed as one of the more shameful episodes in the history of medicine because elements of academic medicine, elements of government, and virtually the entire insurance industry have colluded to deny a disease. This has resulted in needless suffering of many individuals who deteriorate and sometimes die for lack of timely application of treatment or denial of treatment beyond some arbitrary duration” – Kenneth Liegner, MD

Please tune in on, or at WBLQ 1230AM for a very important interview. podcast link here.

Reporting From ILADS 2013 Conference- The Sun and Moon Meet the Stars

The International Lyme and Associated Disease Society conference, held in sunny San Diego was a sight to behold. 420 attendees from all over the globe, on lush Paradise Point Resort. I must say it was a true privilege to be conversing and dinning with world class researchers, doctors, practitioners, advocates, innovative thinkers, risk taking individuals and many Lyme patients. My mind was swarming with new information, brilliant moments of synchronicity and the back drop of glimmering Mission Bay bathing us all in good fortune and promise for creating a healthier Lyme-free or at least Lyme-controlled tomorrow.

A special thanks to Dorothy Leland of whom invited me to come give the inspirational speech at the Lyme disease Walk and Rally on Saturday, and for ILADS executive director, Barbara Buchman for recognizing the value of the enormous amount of Lyme advocacy work I do speaking nationwide and the launch of the brand new, already popular, “Lyme Light Radio with Katina” show I host, on The Dr Pat Show Network, every Wednesday- reaching a global audience in the multimillions.

Nancy Dougherty, Bonni Ronney, Joy Rothberger, Mualla McManus, Mara Williams, Dr. Kenneth Liegner, Dr.Micheal Arata, Dr Andy Kopelman, Dr. Christine Green, Dr. David Kaufmann and so many, many others I shared meals and moments conversing with was just as fabulous as the material taught at the conference.

As we dined al fresco, Perseus Major, Venus and the golden full moon bathing us in a fluid blend of companionship, passionate commitment to a public health crisis, and the poetry of inner attunement to mankind’s plight, I felt at times as if I was living in a chrysalis of another reality. Like we were gestating and weaving together; harmonies, individual talents, trainings, visions and the personal ‘ Lyme trenches’ experience of tragedy, coming to the table in a certain gestalt, preparing for the birth of something very important.

This is my Intuitive self speaking here~ a sense of something beyond me personally, beyond each of of us individually, but palpably threaded in a cohesive tapestry. It is a work in progress, like any great painting or sculpture; melding, blending, growing in proportion and form. I do not know the final outcome, but I sense it will be real, and valuable and we will turn the tides of this now worldwide infectious disease epidemic. I know millions of people (me included) have lost years of our lives, incomes, careers, relationships, homes to mismanaged Lyme disease: faulty lab testing, inadequate physician training on signs and symptoms as well as treatments, along with slack prevention alerts, allowing a microscopic stealthy and seriously damaging bacteria to creep its way into our homes and communities. People are ravaged, lives have been lost, too many spirits have been broken.

At ILADS 2014 I listened to the brilliant and interesting presentations on co-infections, glutathione pathways, retroviruses, biofilms, endocrine disorders, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and much more. The very obvious pattern at this years ILADS was that it was VERY treatment based and less science research focused compared to 2013. Practitioners left with many ideas and tools to implement with their cases, helping to rebuild depletions, attack infections, and to a veteran Homeopath like me, the most ASTOUNDING realization was that Integrative Medicine was being promoted!!!!

30 years ago as a newbie Classical Homeopath I was looked at as an odd-ball at a cocktail party, my job too ‘weird’ sounding for many to stomach. To find this cutting edge, open minded Medical based health care community gladly reaching to enzyme therapy, homeopathic formulas, detoxification methods and herbs to kill bugs and rebuild damage was beyond my wildest imaginings from decades ago (antibiotics still in full force for acute infections and dire central nervous system issues). BUT, if it takes a public health care crisis, called Lyme disease, to marry the two hands of health care, well than let it be!

I don’t ever wish Lyme disease or a tick borne co-infection on anyone, it can be traumatic and life decimating. BUT, America is beyond the times— we sorely lack the Integrative Health Care models of Germany, France, UK, Canada, S. America. Our pharmaceutical based methods of wiping out an infection with antibiotics, ignoring the restorative capacities our very resilient body is capable of when given proper support with nutraceuticals and other modalities, and the idea of just squelching a symptom via a palliative drug is soon to be ancient history, a relic of 20th century doctoring.

To quote Thomas Edison: “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~ ”

Lyme Disease can be a deadly illness. It affects every person in a unique way beyond the initial feverish, flu-like pains and malaise of the acute phase. It morphs and lingers, disseminates and moves its way into the central nervous system- ALS, Parkinson’s, Bells Palsy, Lupus, CFS, migraines all too ugly when not ‘caught’ quickly enough. Hourly, I learned a story of death to Lyme disease from an attendee. This illness can NO longer be brushed off. We must work HARD! We need billions of dollars, the way AIDS received in the 1990’s, to crack the code. Right now that is NOT happening.

Some excellent studies are being done to figure out the persistent nature of the illness in certain people and the reasons why it triggers ‘auto-immune’ style states in so many. Also, how can more rapid, accurate diagnostic tests be developed quickly? But, sadly, the NIH has doled out very little money to the Lyme crisis, unlike the ample amounts diabetes, MS, HIV receive. And, shockingly the Lyme numbers are more frightening!! We need help now, and fast. Money must be granted, raised, donated immediately.

At the peak of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the early 1990’s the annual cases contracted were 104,000, while the CDC acknowledged in August 2013, that over 300,000 Lyme disease cases are contracted annually just in the USA (Australia, Norway, Germany, Canada are stricken perhaps even more densely)!!!! That is 3x higher than the AIDS peak and climbing! And, yet Lyme receives a mere fraction of NIH funding or attention. The tides must shift if we wish to protect our very vulnerable nation. Everyone is at risk; not just IV users, homosexuals or prostitutes. Children in tall grass, a hike in a national park, gardening in your own yard puts us in proximity to ticks- the primary carrier.

A particularly poignant moment came for me, when a small group of 4 of us stood on the soft San Diego beach sand, city lights littering the bay and a giant full moon dangling overhead, nurturing and inspiring the Earth. Renowned physician Dr. Kenneth Liegner serenaded us with his marvelous trumpet playing, ending with a very moving rendition of TAPS, played in memorial for all those whom have died due to Lyme disease. Our hearts hung heavy and I was deeply touched to be in such sterling company of dedicated people.

It was my great privilege to give the inspirational address at the San Diego Lyme Walk and Rally. What a great group was there!  Dr Richard Horowitz, Brooke Landau, Mara Williams, Dr Stricker, Lorraine Johnson, more. How many impassioned voices, hard working folks and frail victims.

I have survived the Lyme Calamity- I work daily to voice the need for recognition, Integrative Medicine, spiritual healing for the very weary and worn. May “Lyme Light Radio” be a channel of dialogue, education, tools to battle this problem. I am blessed to be a messenger and healing vessel for many. I need your sponsorship too, to help this show continue to broadcast. Visit and see how you can help. I am aiming to start an IndieGoGo campaign to get what we need. (any volunteers to help me launch this? please email me).

Please do not sit on the sidelines regarding Lyme disease. If you are too ill to move, tune into or every Wednesday 1pm PT/4pm ET, put LymeLightRadio in the search box and listen to my fabulous guests. They will give you tools. If you are mobile, get to or start a Lyme disease support group. If you are a health care practitioner, start learning about Integrative Medicine or align with one in your community or get ILADS trained on Lyme disease treatments. If you are curious, go to, or and get involved. WE all need able hands, minds, sympathies, fund-raisers to arrest this plague.

I left ILADS 2013, buoyed with hope. Brilliant, devoted people converged for 4 days, learning, sharing, caring about this illness, the victims, what they can bring to the table, what they can bring home and utilize. Or how they can better educate or evoke change of consciousness?

Meanwhile, I packed up Sunday night and had a delicious water side dinner with old friends. While walking along the bay, a wizened old Haitian witch-doctor sat crossed-legged on the grass alongside the quay in the park, reading palms and telling futures. Ever curious me, I sat down with the aged one, leathered dark skin, glowing amber eyes, peering deeply into my own. I asked for a ‘reading’.

“I am in the presence of an angel” he spoke and bowed to me, taking my hands, cupping them in his warmth. “You are a gifted and powerful healer, a soul older than my own. My skins prickles with your mighty powers bathing me now,” his lyrical voice streamed.

I felt my spine tingle and was caught a bit off-guard and even doubting. The soft California night whispered in the palm trees. He sprinkled me with “Florida Water” and said,

“You will not pay me for this time. It is not right. You are a mystic. It is my privilege to be with you now.”

I did not know what to think. Was this old man ‘putting his moves on’ me or onto something deeper than I even sensed?

“ A man has left your side recently (my mate, Hunter, this June). A family member, a man, died 3 years ago (my dad). But, do not worry, I very big heart will be with you soon. Someone grand and generous who understands you are a very rare person is coming in the near future. A man of deep love and wealth. You will have 5 grandchildren. You are on a mission, like a saint or Queen. Do not hesitate or feel sad for yourself ever. Your eyes tell me it all. You have seen the great mysteries of the Universe. I can teach you even more, the old ways of African priests. You will heal thousands, maybe millions. Allow me to teach you.”

I am sitting, listening, semi-uncertain and beckon my best friend of 43 years over to hear this. She sits near me. She listens too. She smiles at the witch-doctor/shaman when he repeats,

“She is an angel”. She nods a Yes.

He proceeds. More prophecies are shared, some about my writing work and speaking to large masses of people. I do not know what to truly absorb. Eventually, with the cool night steeped in purple hues, I stand and bow to the old man. He hands me his bracelet, a worn woven wrap and a CD of his own healing music.

“I pass this to you. Protection in the sea of life. I will pray for you every day. Come here again. I will teach you to SEE even deeper. Through thousands of years.”

“I live 3500 miles away, it is impossible,” comes my reply.

“Nothing is impossible. You are a master healer. I will teach you, even if I must come to where you are. I have been waiting for you to appear from my dream for a very long time. I must do a ceremonial cleansing Botanica on you for more teaching to come. Are you here tomorrow to take the rites?”

“No, I fly out in the morning.”

Is this guy a nut or truly a sage? Now, completely bewitched with eve falling, I shake hands with the crinkled one.

“Thank you for seeing my true essence,” come my words of gratitude. “You are a kind man, and very generous.”

“I am only reminding you to BE who you are,” his Haitian accent, jumbled and colored with rhythms and melody convey. “Very big work lies ahead for you. Do not be afraid. Your spirit knows what to do. Just listen to it. I will not push you. But, you will call me when you are ready to learn more. As a mystic you know just what I mean- words are not necessary.” He smiles, yellowed teeth flashing in a quick crescent. “God bless you, Angel of Mercy. You move with God’s protection.”

We walk away, or rather I float away. I am anointed in ancient magic, while simultaneously steeped in 4 days of modern medical training. What do I think? How am I the conduit, the elixir, the carrier of Mother Earth’s Universal wisdom entwined with Western medicine’s scientific workings. My senses swim. I am in semi-trance, all of this somehow stewed together within an eclipsing health crisis and a full golden moon riding in the Eastern sky?

Nancy looks at me, grinning her mischievous smile.

“Leave it to you, to find a witch-doctor in the wake of this weekend of left brained didactics. Somehow, you manage to meld the two halves of healing, old and new, heaven and Earth.”

We both chuckle, our eyes locked together in a smile; over four decades under our belt as soul-sisters, with my mysterious nature always magnetically drawing unusual folks and circumstances out of the blue.

“I don’t know what to really think of him?” I question her.

Pragmatic, poised, regal Nancy soothes, “He is correct. You are a powerful healer, he probably really does want to help you and YES, you are positioned exactly in the midst of a health care crisis with personal experience and professional knowledge and skills unique to all others. I believe his vision that you are destined for something important. It is just for us to wonder if he is a charlatan or not regarding the training? Sit on it for a few days, you will know.”

I nod. I ponder. I sense. I want to try his ancient African healing magic. And, I will leave on a jet plane in the morning. Somehow, I try to let it all sift through me. I feel a bit off kilter. But, really I intuit, I am just rebalancing. ‘Prince Alex’ the soothe-sayer helped recalibrate me in that reading. After 4 days of science mind and analytical reasoning, he brought me into my right brain hemisphere of sensing, intuitive knowings.

Whether he is correct in his prophecies or not, it is OK. I must walk my path, lamplight of inspiration lit for those struggling on The Lyme Road. As a messenger I offer hope and faith and information. ILADS, Lyme support groups, clients in need, radio audience, publishers and editors, friends and community, I ‘move with God’s protection’,  though the footpath is never so clear.

Step by step, day by day, I meet the sun, the sky, the ebony night and the unknown challenges, plus the remarkable beauty of it all. We will amend the Lyme disease travesty. I am forever grateful for all who I meet in this incredible journey of discovery and living. Thank you ILADS 2013 for an absolutely stunning conference and ground breaking work being shared. It was such an enormous privilege to be gathered with such talented people. The sun, the moon and the stars all aligned for the highest good.

Blessings to all.

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH

Tick Borne Disease Alliance Visits Lyme Light Radio

We are fortunate to broadcast a wonderful program, focusing on the philanthropic side of the Lyme disease situation.

Tick Borne Disease Alliance based in New York City, merged with Staci Grodin’s ‘Turn the Corner’ foundation as a less factional and more cohesive body now, with a very big mission.

TBDA, co-chairman, David Roth visits with ‘Lyme Light Radio’ on Wednesday, October 23rd, 1PM PT/4PM ET, illuminating their truly humanitarian mission and objectives, to raise money in order to fund Lyme research, create a national awareness program, promote advocacy and much more. This is essential work, as the Lyme disease situation gets scant NIH money for research and the epidemic surges

Joining us too, on his weekly ‘check-in’ is Lyme recoveree John Donnally, cycling across America on the ‘Bite Back For A Cure’ campaign with TBDA, working to raise Lyme disease awareness.

Tune in on WBLQ 1230AM or online at

podcast listen here-


October and November Lyme Light Radio Guest Schedule

“Lyme Light Radio with Katina” has quickly become a sensational weekly talk show heard on WBLQ 1230 AM, Westerly RI and streaming live on and

Our first two months of programming have included break-out guests. We continue to bring cutting edge insights and inspiration on Lyme disease to our listeners. The array of subjects is expansive.

Currently we are follow the mighty cross America cycle trek of Lyme warrior, John Donnally, riding for the Tick Borne Disease Alliance “Bite Back For A Cure” Lyme disease awareness campaign. Each Wednesday John checks in with host Katina Makris sharing his journey, the folks he’s interfacing with and promoting Lyme disease education. We will follow John all the way to his final stop in Washington, DC around Thanksgiving.

Visit and @JohnDonnally on twitter for more news.

Meanwhile here is the promising LLR schedule for the rest of October and November 2013.

October 23: David Roth
October 30: Dr. Kenneth Liegner
November 6: Jenny Rush and Laura Wild
November 13: John Donnally
November 20: Kerry Clark
November 27: Dr. David Jernigan

Our phone in # for questions and comments on air is 800-930-2819

All shows are archived in podcasts at Put Katina Makris in the site search box.

Also, and now carry an ‘app’ you can download to your smartphone for easy listening!

Thank you for caring and sharing in our quest to end the Lyme epidemic.

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH

Follow Fabulous John Donnally as he Cycles Across USA on Behalf of Lyme Disease

Hi Everyone:
 In TBDA’s opinion these video clips are pretty amazing and heartfelt.
We have received tremendous support from the community at large and the Media.
As you can see, Team TBDA is doing very well!
A formal John Donnally update letter will be sent out soon, hard to write and bike at the same time.
Please feel free to “share” on Social Media.
If you have any questions, ideas, etc. please contact me.
Thank you again for all of your support.
Executive Director
Tick-Borne Disease Alliance
Day 1 – “Launch Day”

Day 2 “Andy Abraham Williams Interview”
Day 3 “David Roth Interview”
**Day 4 – no video went out that day
Day 5 “Meet the Team”
Day 6 “Standford University and Bay Area Lyme”
Day 7 “John Meets with Local Riders”
Day 8 “Yosemite National Park”
Day 9 “Pediatric Lyme”
Day 10 “John’s personal piece”

International Lyme Disease Conference Calls Us Together

Another pivotal gathering calls for the curious and expansive minds in health care to unite. ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society) holds their annual conference this year in San Diego, CA. Please visit the website for a full detailed schedule of the weekend’s itinerary and the phenomenal array of cutting edge tick borne illness practitioners, researchers and advocates presenting. Having attended ILADs 2012 in Boston, I know ILADS 2013 in San Diego will be equally important.

Those attending; whether health care professionals, patients, care-givers, vendors and laboratories, all hold a deep commitment to ending the confusion, denial and mismanagement of Lyme disease, finally being recognized as the ‘plague’ of the 21st century.

With the Center for Disease Control acknowledging in August 2013 that the 34,000 Lyme cases reported to them annually are a mere 10% of the probably true number contracted, we are facing a public health crisis in the USA. 300,000 plus cases of Lyme disease surpasses the 104,000 diagnosed cases of HIV at the peak of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1990’s.

I applaud the courageous health care providers who have opened their eyes to an exploding epidemic and are willing to come for additionally training and education about tick borne illnesses. Too many millions of people in the USA have been stricken, compromising, some chronically ill and even deaths over the recent decades, because Lyme was not properly diagnosed at it’s early onset, acute phase.

On the road with my book, “Out of the Wood”, I witness the mass suffering. My heart resonates with the tragic nature of this illness, having been bedridden for years myself.

I will be speaking at the Lyme Disease Rally and Protest on Saturday morning, October 19, in parallel to the ILADS Conference. Please come to this important rally. Bring home made Lyme disease signs, lend your voice, your intention, your presence with all of us helping to garner media and governmental awareness.

This subject affects us all. Lyme disease can be contracted by any one of any age, in all regions of the USA. Ticks are transported by animals and birds as they migrate and roam. Prevention information should be mandatory in all schools, park systems and health care offices. 

We want to wake up America to our susceptibility and promote education. ILADS 2013 is a banquet of illuminated people and material. Many of the speakers will be available on live stream during 10/18-20.

As the host of “Lyme Light Radio” I will be greeting future guests for upcoming program broadcasts. What a delight for me to be ensemble with the leading talents bravely working in the trenches of an epidemic!

Join us on live stream, and of course on in the weeks to come as we explode many Lyme related topics.

Thank you,
Katina Makris

Mind-Body Healing Skills with Advanced Cell Training

“Lyme Light Radio with Katina” shares an illuminating interview with Advanced Cell Training’s founder, Gary Blier. Back on air with us Wednesday October 9th, 4PM ET / 1PM PT, heard on WBLQ 1230AM in Southern New England and streaming live on three networks:, and

Gary Blier offers insight into the frontier spectrum of the mind-body healing pathway. Over the centuries, cultures throughout the world have respected the ability we innately harbor regarding our inner healing capacities. The use of out mind, and often the process of recalibrating a mind-set from that of a chronic illness state, to a more optimal, prospering one, can induce obvious and successful shift towards wellness, recovery and even illness elimination.

Bruce Lipton’s runaway best-seller “Biology of Belief” explains this process vividly. Dawson Church’s “The Genie In Our Genes” gives credence to the matter and stunning examples of how survivors and thrivers of catastrophe and illness recover, by integrating their mind, particular behaviors and accessing belief.

Advances Cell Training’s practical self-help healing techniques, developed by Gary Blier are useful tools for many physically and emotionally hindered individuals.

Tune in with us this week and learn more on this fascinating process of ‘resetting’ our brainwaves for more optimal healing.

Also, we will be checking in with cyclist John Donnally at the top of the show to find out just how far he has ridden this week on the ‘Bite Back For The Cure” Lyme disease awareness trek across America. I’m eager to learn just where John in on October 9 – and how the journey is fairing.

Thank you listeners!
Call in with questions to: 1-800-930-2819

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH

Lyme Disease Help Coming to You

Thank you Lesa at Dr Roni DeLuz’s Holistic Retreat Center for offering me this amazing list of Lyme related upcoming events, bringing help and information to millions. Please read this through, as I am certain at least one of them will speak to you.

I am delighted to announce I will be teaching at the Nov 11-15 Lyme Celebrity Detox Retreat with Dr Roni. I will be bringing my profound skills of teaching participants how to move to their soul’s center and access inner healing energies we all bear, but have forgotten how to use. This is life-altering information, and it is my honor to work with those of you coming to the retreat. Healing includes more than physical doctoring. We must align within.

1). Cape Cod Times October 4th 2013. Please read this on-line as this will tell the editors that we support their efforts with lyme and encourage continued stories.

2). Dr Richard Horowitz MD LLMD ILADS from Hyde Park Ny will be on Katie Couric Wednesday October 9th at 4pm in our area. He will be discussing his new book: Why I can’t get better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease

3). Lyme Center Announces Free Scholarship Available for Celebrity Detox Retreat. The Retreat runs from November 11 thru 15, 2013, at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, Massachusetts. The retreat is part of an intensive natural healing program pioneered by the Lyme ­Literate Naturopathic Doctor, Roni DeLuz. see the web page at MV Holistic Retreat ­­detox­at­the­harbor­view/  For the accepted scholarship candidate, the Celebrity Detox Retreat fee of $4,500 will be waived. 

4). My dear friend and filmmaker Richard J. Longland whose many accomplishments include: Founder & Principal The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation, Inc. Global Discussion on Spine Health & Arthroplasty Getting Back on Their Feet Film BiofilmCommunity.orgWhy Am I Still Sick Film;  has this info to pass on …”Eva Sapi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at the University of New Haven, hosted my visit 2008. She collaborated with Dr. Alan MacDonald, retired pathologist and Borrelia career researcher, to discover and prove that Borrelia creates biofilms, as microbes have been doing for three billion years.

Using video microscopy, Dr. Sapi’s grad student David Luecke explains in this video how DNA from the Borrelia burgdorferi strain B31 “fluoresces” or glows an eerie green. Any green life forms you see in their various states originate from the B31 strain of Borrelia – one of 100+ strains known. Prior to Dr. Sapi’s pioneering efforts researchers dismissed Borrelia biofilms. As well, Borrelia biofilm would ruffle the feathers of the IDSA, NIH, CDC and (most) insurance companies, as it would spell out an obvious, scientific syllogism for neuroborreliosis – known previously as chronic Lyme Disease. Later, they learned that Sapi et al were correct — that the standard BSK media could be enriched with collagenase (which humans have abundantly) and proved to be ideal for growing spirochetal, slimy communities! This video shows four different life forms alive in the community: spirochetes, cysts, granular and of course the biofilm community itself. Biofilms protect the microbial community from the immune system and antibiotics, which enable infections to live indefinitely inside us. Hence, chronic Borreliosis (chronic Lyme disease).  Note: you may have seen this before in low resolution. I offered it to the producers of Under Our Skin years ago (free of charge). In this HD version, I included some amazing new high res AFM photos and additional explanations. Special thanks to David Luecke, who provided these slides, and of course to the Sapi-MacDonald team!

Richards latest film on biofilms entitled “Why Am I Still Sick?” can be purchased for $ 25.00 with all proceeds going to LACC (Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod) contact me for details.

5). Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Illness Community Conference,  Saturday, November 9th, the Neuromuscular Infection Treatment & Rehabilitation Interest Group, hosting this event in the The Auditorium of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Featured speakers include

8am-9am Mark Eshoo, PhD, Abbot Technologies “Direct Detection of Tick-borne pathogens”

9am-10am Richard Horowitz, MD “Lyme Disease and Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS): A new paradigm for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness.”

10am-11am Katherine Lantsman, MD “Prevention Strategies for Tick Borne Illness”

11am-12pm Leo Shea, PhD “Neuropsychology of Lyme Disease”

For directions, please refer to MGH’s website:  RSVP is required for this event, so please contact me, James, via email: to confirm the number in your party.

To help us offset some of the conference costs, a donation of $25 per attendee is suggested, which can be made at:

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH

Host of Lyme Light Radio, Wednesdays 4pm et/1pm pt — streaming on and at WBLQ 1230AM