Music Festival for Lyme Disease

World Cafe at the Queen Theater, WIlmington, DE, June 15 was the place to be! The Ticked-Off Music Festival, organized by Gregg Kirk of The Zen Engines band and NYC producer, brought together talent, mission and fundraising all to benefit Lyme Disease.

Proceeds from th19904_669342936425933_814837840_nis fun and inspirational event are going to the Tick Borne Disease Alliance and the future in-house Lyme disease patient care facility, Innana House.

We were a great group of folks, all aligned to the growing consciousness that Lyme disease is no longer just a mild short term infectious illness the CDC and Infectious Disease Society categorized it as in 1975. Instead, because most of us at the festival have learned the hard, ugly way, by personal experience, Lyme disease and its associated microbial co-infections, can be a long term, auto-immune style and neurological illness with life altering repercussions. Lyme can even be deadly!

I was honored to be the inspirational speaker giving voice to true recovery via the use of holistic medicine for chronic cases of Lyme disease, It’s widely proven that a new, acute case of Lyme disease is best cured with prompt and ample antibiotic treatment.

The ‘missed’ cases, not treated or diagnosed early enough present a huge array of symptoms and conditions, perplexing patients and doctors throughout the country, and world! This inaugural Ticked Off Music Festival aims to promote better education and awareness for this swiftly moving infectious illness, now having surpassed HIV in the USA!

A special thank you to Gregg Kirk, Craig and Jennifer Vanderslice, Tina Nugent and Bobbi Brown for helping me be part of the great evening at the World Cafe at the Queen! You all are heart centered, talented people and I was privileged to bring a ray of hope and a plea for Lyme disease assistance to the world.

I look forward to many more successful Lyme disease fundraising events. We need the research to crack the code on this shape shifting bacteria!



Lyme Disease is no Longer an Innocent Infection says The New Yorker Magazine

Ticked OFF Lyme keynote SpeakerLong debated as a potentially life altering pernicious illness, Lyme disease, caused by a bacterial infection, borrelia burgdorferi has confounded millions of sick people and the medical community for close to 4 decades now.

Michael Spector of The New Yorker Magazine delves into the mayhem surrounding the Infectious Disease Society’s denial that the bacteria can morph into auto-immune style illness, versus the frank clinical findings savvy doctors, patients and advocates have unearthed that does substantiate that borrelia CAN reek havoc in many many cases, leaving people bedridden and suffering.

It is time for the heavy lifting to begin in terms of dollars, research and medical collaboration to unite in order to unravel the disturbing controversy of Lyme disease and find effective early and late stage diagnostics, and long overdue proper treatments for both the simple acute form of the bacterial infection AND the complicated chronic symptoms so many fumble with.

Good job Michael Spector!!! He received 200,000,000 replies to an op-ed he ran regarding Mitt Romney’s political position that Lyme disease needed attention in the 2011 Presidential campaign. This enormous red flag of human outcry prompted Spector to not just ‘dis’ the Romney stance but to instead explore the Lyme disease topic—– he has finally done what we have been waiting for—opened the can of worms on a HIDDEN PUBLIC HEALTH CARE CRISIS!
author of “Out of the Woods, Healing Lyme Disease, Body, Mind & Spirit”

Spiritual Healing

P1020473I watched evening descend. Soft skies, honeysuckle and birdsong filling my senses. A quiet periwinkle lingered to almost 9pm. Grace and beauty painted the perimeter of my sight. what a nightfall. I felt blessed.

Next, these words came to me — potent and vivid, as a guided tool to help those needing spiritual assistance. Whether health issues, emotional woes or financial burdens are weighing on you, take a moment to follow this visualization healing exercise. It will help ease off the energy that is draining and hampering you, and shift you within, to one of more true vibration.

Imagine your own spirit rising up from the crumpled Lyme disease riddle body or otherwise hampered condition it vies with. Sense your spirit when it is above you, how free and unencumbered the state is. 
Write down the sensations, images, words that come to you.

Talk to your spirit-self. Remind ‘it’ how grateful you are for it holding on inspite of all this that you struggle with.

With your eyes closed ask your spirit what it most needs to change in your vibration in order to overcome illness, suffering or burdens.


Grab that message. Write it down- anything that comes to you. Even if its just one word. Keep it somewhere nearby to look at.

Everyday take a moment to recall this awareness. Be with it. Embrace it. Read the words out loud to your self. You will start the mind-body healing pathway.
This practice will help over time. Keep it up for months.

You are blessed.

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH